Open Service Policy
It is the policy of Ozanam Inn to admit and to treat all seeking assistance for service at Ozanam Inn with equality and to render services free of charge regardless of race, creed religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, color or handicap.  Unfortunately, at the present time, we are only able to accommodate men in the sleeping areas.

The purpose of Ozanam Inn is to provide an environment of loving concern and caring, of shelter and nourishment, to serve the homeless in a manner that does not diminish but rather preserves and promotes the selfhood and dignity of the needy and oppressed.

All persons, agencies, or organizations that have occasion either to refer clients or recommend Ozanam Inn are advised to do so in accordance with the policy stated above.

Neighborhood Relations
Ozanam Inn supports a Neighborhood Relations Program. The Administration will explore complaints towards its operations from its neighborhood citizens and take appropriate steps to resolve them. Recent examples include better policing of the Camp St. sidewalks in the vicinity of the Inn, and tightening security in the area.  We want to be a good neighbor, so therefore, we periodically police litter in Lafayette Square, at Lee Circle and other locations near the Inn.

In all instances, a record of complaints shall be filed in the Administration Offices and Administration Offices and reported to the Board of Directors. Unresolved complaints will be presented to the Board of Directors for resolution.

In reverse, the procedures indicated above will apply to the Inn’s complaints toward the operations of the Inn’s neighborhood citizens.

Updated: 4/16/08

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