Honorary President 
Very Reverend Gregory M. Aymond
Archbishop of New Orleans

Board of Directors 
Mr. Claiborne Perrilliat
Mr. Robert J. Barbier
-Vice President
Mrs. Angela L. Wattler
Mr. Frederick Kirchgraber

Mr. Alan C. Arnold
Mr. Ron D. Cambias 
Mr. P. Kevin Colomb
Mr. Robert J. Comeaux, Jr.
Mr. Craig G. Haydel
Mrs. Karen G. Haydel
Mr. Allen L. Hebert
Dr. Susan Jeanfreau
Mrs. Diane Morrow
Mr. Robert Pedesco, III

Mr. Salvator Perricone
-Board Member, At Large

Advisory Board
Mr. Robert S. Boh

Ms. Joan Coulter
Mr. Oliver Delery, Jr.
Mr. Val P. Exnicios
Ms. Sandra Ema Gutierrez
Honorable Calvin Johnson
Mrs. Stacy Horn Koch
Mr. Henry Lambert
Mr. Paul Leaman
Mr. Jessie Pullins
Mr. Frank B. Stewart, Jr.
Honorable Jay Zanily

Mr. Clarence Adams, Sr.
-Executive Director

Deacon Biaggio S. DiGiovanni

Fr. Stanley P. Klores
-Spiritual Advisor

Mr. Alan Demma
-President - Archdiocesan Council
Society of St. Vincent de Paul


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