Mission Statement

We, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul at Ozanam Inn, commit ourselves to the ideals as stated by our patron, St. Vincent de Paul, when he said:

"You will find that charity is a heavy burden to carry, heavier than the bowl of soup and the basket of bread. But, you must keep your gentleness and your smile. It is not enough to give bread and soup, this the rich can do.  You are the servant of the poor. They are your masters, terribly sensitive and exacting as you will see; but, the uglier and dirtier they are, the more unjust and bitter, the more you must give them of your love.  It is because of your love, only your love, that the poor will forgive you the bread you give them."

In keeping with the gospel mandate of charity, we shall accept the challenge and offer food and shelter to those in need in our society, as their servant.

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