Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer service from friends and supporters in the local New Orleans community and surrounding areas is a tremendous asset in the regular operation of programs at Ozanam Inn.  Sponsored by groups or received as individuals, volunteers assist the administration in bringing the needs and concerns of the homeless community into the lifeline of New Orleans society.

Volunteers participate in a variety of services including:

  • Group meal preparation
  • Food service
  • Meal distribution
  • Clerical services
  • Contribution pick-ups
  • Housekeeping tasks
  • Clothing sorting
  • Project sponsorships
  • Advisory committees

Orientation into the mission and philosophy of Ozanam Inn enables volunteers to own a share in the ministry of service and compassion which is at the foundation of the existence of the Inn.  Collaboration is the key word in the vision of volunteer ministry.  Volunteers are co-workers at service to the needs of the poor in the spirit of St. Vincent and Frederick Ozanam.

Those who wish to volunteer at the Inn are invited to do so without a time-line for commitment.  Long- or short-term volunteers are vital in the ongoing development of the facility’s programs and policies.

To learn of current volunteer activities and to schedule times for group or individual volunteer support, please email volunteer@ozanaminn.org or call (504) 523-1184.