Our Move

Since 1955, Ozanam Inn has operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from 843 Camp Street. While we are massively grateful for its use, the needs of the community we serve as well as the city of New Orleans have changed a lot in the past 66 years. Additionally, the building itself is over 100 years old, and maintenance on the heating, electric systems, and plumbing infrastructure had become a budgetary burden. That is why when we found a modern building becoming available on the market, we seized the opportunity.

Our new facility at 2239 Poydras will be a massive boon to the programs and services that we provide. Foremost, our bed capacity will increase from 96 to 150, including a dormitory for women for the first time. On-site health clinics, operated by the Tulane School of Medicine, LSU School of Medicine, and LSU School of Dentistry, will have designated exam rooms to treat patients. A classroom will allow us to expand our job training, offer computer classes, and provide a private space for our addiction counseling sessions. Finally, the new location opens opportunities to reach more of our community in need and is near many of the other services our clients rely on to make their transition to stable, healthy, independent living.

We are very thankful that Ida did not cause any damage to our new building, although the week without power did delay construction. We now have October 25th slated as our move-in day, and are hoping to have all clients living in the facility at that date, pending the appropriate fire marshal and department of health inspections. While the renovations is nearly complete, we still are short on our fundraising goal to cover these costs. The renovation costs will be approximately $2 million, of which to date we have raised $1 million.

With the generous support of our donors and community, we are confident we will reach our goal and begin a new chapter at Ozanam Inn.

If you would like to help us "Fill the Beds", please click here!
We look forward to sharing our new space with our loyal donors in the fall of 2021!