July 2 2015 | News Article


 We are so pleased to announce that two (2) of our in-house clients have recently been employed by Boh Bros. Construction Co.!

At Ozanam Inn, our twelve (12) week Job Skills Training group sessions are just one of the ways we help our clients move from homelessness to independent living and gainful employment. During the sessions, our community partners, such as Boh Bros., send representatives to discuss job opportunities within their organizations. We are very grateful for these partners and their willingness to work with those who are struggling to get their lives back on track. We would never be able to offer so much to our clients without them and the successes would not be so great if they

were not on board! Our gratitude is beyond words.

Here is the message we received, just yesterday, from the Boh Bros. representative about these placements:

Malcolm and Kevin!

Malcolm was hired in Baton Rouge.

He had a TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential)

and is currently working and has been since June 4th.

Kevin was hired yesterday and has been placed on a job site today.

Thank you so much for referring these applicants to Boh Bros. 

I’m hoping that it works out for each of them to be long term =)!


Please join us in congratulating Malcolm and Kevin

and offering thanks to Boh Bros. Construction Co.

and all of our community partners.


Special thanks to our Director of Programs,

Mrs. Gail Ratleff, MS, for creating and implementing these

life changing programs for our clients!